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How to solve the problem? Only innovation and development of nonferrous metal industry

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Since this year, facing the pressure of continuous downward economic growth in the transformation of economic structure, China is setting off another round of upsurge of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Only innovation can find new economic growth point, only innovation can develop and expand, only innovation can avoid being eliminated in the new development tide.

In the face of the cold wave, the industry insiders say that China's non-ferrous metal industry is stepping into a cold and long winter. Since 2011, the price of non-ferrous metal market has entered a continuous downward cycle, and non-ferrous metal enterprises have suffered a large area of losses, which has reached the critical point of life and death. The industry is characterized by overcapacity, declining consumption, high logistics cost, homogenization of business model, profit model and products, and lack of innovation in ideas, systems, technologies and products.

To solve the above problems in the nonferrous industry, innovation is the only way. In the current tide of economic transformation, China's non-ferrous metal industry can develop and grow only through continuous innovation, and only through continuous innovation can it remain invincible. How to innovate and in what aspects is an important problem for all of us. In my opinion, we should first innovate in concept. Second, we should innovate in the system. Third, we should innovate in products and technologies, which is the key to the survival and development of enterprises. Fourth, we should innovate in business model and profit model.

First, concept innovation. First of all, the concept of non-ferrous enterprises must be innovated, from the leadership to every employee. Our leaders and employees in the non-ferrous industry must have a sense of innovation. Any new ideas, new ideas, new improvements or inventions and creations in terms of products, operation or technology, etc. can be described as innovation and are worth encouraging and advocating. Second, institutional innovation. At the national level, China should establish and improve a complete system to ensure the long-term and healthy development of innovation, protect the interests of innovative personnel from damage, and severely crack down on violations and activities of innovation rights and interests. From the perspective of non-ferrous metal industry, establish and improve industry rules and regulations to encourage innovation activities of the whole industry. Third, innovation of products and technologies can also be called invention. The innovation and improvement of technology and products is the key to the success of China's economic transformation, and the core of non-ferrous enterprises to maintain profitability. Non ferrous enterprises, especially production enterprises, should increase their investment in innovative R & D, accelerate industrial R & D, enhance their core competitiveness, and improve and create technologies and products with completely independent intellectual property rights, independent brands and independent characteristics.

 For example, Alcoa just released a new technology last year, Micromill micro mill technology, which can produce the most advanced aluminum plate in the world. This technology will greatly improve the performance of the next generation of automotive aluminum products, and increase the formability and strength of automotive aluminum alloy by 40% and 30%. At the same time, Micromill technology will increase production efficiency by 80%, while the impact on the environment will be significantly reduced, and energy consumption will be reduced by 50%. At present, this technology has been pilot production in the United States, and has been successfully tested by customers. This technology has promoted a breakthrough in the application of aluminum materials, and made aluminum instead of steel in the automotive industry an achievable goal in the foreseeable future. The emergence of new technology and new products has promoted the development of the company and even the industry. Such innovation drive will play an increasingly important role in the future.

Fourth, the innovation of business model and profit model. The innovation of management mode, operation mode and profit mode is the key to the survival and development of non-ferrous enterprises, especially trade enterprises. At present, the traditional trade pattern and profit model are seriously homogenized, which has been difficult to continue. How to create new profit points has become a problem worthy of consideration for enterprises.

For example, some enterprises starting from trade have extended their tentacles to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, exploring the resource end upward and finding reliable resource guarantee to support sustainable development; developing fine, fine and deep processing downward to create products with high added value. From the perspective of the whole industrial chain, every link of industrial development is planned to provide not only products, but also services running through the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, such as warehousing logistics, financial financing, risk management and other services. Such a mode has changed the traditional form of trade and provided us with a direction of development that can be used for reference.

For example, in order to alleviate the shortage of bauxite resources in China and solve the supply bottleneck of raw materials, Shandong Weiqiao company has been actively exploring the way to the upstream resource end since 2013, putting alumina production line into production in Indonesia, establishing a mining company in Guinea to mine bauxite, and seeking reliable resource guarantee. Yuyang Group actively explores and develops products with high added value at the downstream end of the industry. At present, the company is committed to developing high-end aluminum deep processing products such as intelligent robot precision sensor manufacturing. The rapid innovation mechanism is the guarantee for the successful development of Yuyang group.

And the innovation of risk management system is also very important. Because the price of non-ferrous metals fluctuates periodically and greatly, risk management has been a big problem in the non-ferrous industry for many years. Non ferrous enterprises should innovate in risk management system and measures, and the traditional manual supervision mode is difficult to adapt to the new situation. It will be a new trend of risk management in the non-ferrous industry to use Internet thinking and technology for the whole process risk monitoring and actively use various technical means for the whole process of big data collection, analysis and supervision. At the same time of risk prevention and control, we will refine the operation assessment of each link, continuously improve the operation, optimize the operation results, and believe that the risk management under the new technology and new concept will better serve the entire industrial chain.

In a word, the effective implementation of innovation in non-ferrous enterprises is inseparable from the innovation of enterprise ideas, the guarantee of national policies and systems, the efforts of the enterprise itself and every employee of the enterprise. Only in this way, mass entrepreneurship and innovation will not be a mere formality, and the non-ferrous metal industry will be able to achieve considerable development.

Update date:2020-04-15